canstockphoto11808375Many customers prefer the look and strength of metal, especially in high profile areas such as retail storefronts and other visually appealing areas. Whether your needs are copper, aluminum or steel, All Pro has the expertise to effect repairs or install an entirely new roof to your specifications. All Pro has decades of experience in metal roof design, fabrication and installation. Put our experience to work for you by calling us for a free metal roofing consultation. If you involve us early on in the design phase we can help you design your project so it’s “problem free” during installation. In many cases, we’ve been helpful in finding ways to enhance roof quality, while reducing project costs due to our depth of experience.

What makes All Pro Roofing and SheetMetal stand out from our competitors? Starting at the outer edge, our fabricated metal roof accessories and details are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are engineered and custom fabricated using the latest sheet metal techniques and technology. This provides superior leak prevention, attachment, and weather resiliency – a clear advantage over many of our competitors.
We fabricate a full line of coping, fascia, flashing, eavestrough, gutters, details, and trim in all gauges, colors, finishes and metal types. Metal roof installation and repair is a core specialty of All Pro Roofing and SheetMetal. From large commercial projects to chimney flashing, we have the experience & expertise to do the job right!

Metal Roof Repair
In addition to our metal roof installation services, All Pro provides dedicated support for the maintenance and repair of metal roofing, through All Pro’s exclusive Roof Investment OptimizerTM Program. R.I.O. positions you to protect your building assets and extend the life of your roof, while minimizing the expense of costly leaks and repairs, through regular maintenance audits.

With RIO, there is no audit or inspection report fee. Your preventative maintenance expenditure goes directly to repairs. You pay only for the time and materials charged to the job based on a predetermined cost limit that you set.

RIO is a value engineered commercial and industrial metal roof maintenance and inspection program designed to prolong the lifespan of your existing roof. Our easy to read reports include pictures of problem areas we’ve isolated (if any), along with a clear explanation of the problem and the corrective action recommended. It provides you the ability to clearly understand roof conditions and proactively budget for repairs and long-term replacement. The program is offered either semi-annually or annually.

canstockphoto12764056Why Is A Commercial Metal Roof Maintenance Program Important?

  • Double the lifespan of your existing roof system
  • Maintain your warranty coverage (which often requires regular inspections to remain valid)
  • Reduce leak frequency and severity
  • Prevent trapped moisture and mold growth
  • Defer capital expenditures
  • Proactively budget for repairs over the lifespan of your roof
  • Avoid costly production/operation delays
  • Receive priority leak response

Ready to enroll? Call our All Pro Specialists at 866-538-7469 or email today!

How R.I.O. Works…

  1. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your current needs which may vary based on the life and condition of your existing roof.
  2. We’ll schedule an appointment with you and make arrangements with facilities as necessary.
  3. We’ll perform a comprehensive inspection to establish a foundation and record of information for all future visits relative to roof system inspections, audits and other requirements.
  4. Subsequent visits are completed either annually or semi-annually where we perform inspections, preventative maintenance repairs and detailed reporting.

What Does R.I.O. Cover?

  • Priority leak response
  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Photographic documentation
  • Repair/replacement budgets
  • Complete roof maintenance
  • Drainage cleaning
  • Debris removal
  • Flashing and membrane repair
  • Maintaining watertight integrity of the roof