Roofing system failure can be caused by a number of factors, including: age, severe weather conditions, poor workmanship, defective materials, improper design, and lack of maintenance. At All Pro Roofing our most common solution for preventing roofing problems is to extend the life expectancy through regular maintenance. However, even the best maintained roofing systems will eventually need replacing. We understand that your business cannot shut down during most roof replacements. Therefore, our forces move as quickly as possible without compromising quality to minimize disruption to your operations and employees.

Every roof has a life cycle and, at some point, becomes beyond repair. Our team of experts will do a free comprehensive survey of your roof, including an existing conditions photo report, combined with a value-engineered replacement solution that fits your budget, energy concerns, sustainability strategy, and business priorities.

Roof replacement, a full-removal approach, involves removing the existing roof surface, membrane, and insulation down to the deck before the new roof is installed.
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Roof recovering covers an existing roofing system with a new system. This process requires that all wet or deteriorating insulation be removed before the new system is installed. Both systems are appropriate for roofs that can no longer be repaired through maintenance, are showing signs of deterioration, or are beginning to leak.

These processes require special attention to detail. In most cases, the building is occupied while the installers are working. We take special care to ensure the building remains water tight, the tenants stay safe and are minimally inconvenienced. As with all roofing projects we’ve completed over the past two decades, we put safety and quality first to ensure the jobsite is accident free and that your investment will last.

Please click on this link Choosing The Right Roofing System for information that may be helpful to you in making a good, informed decision.