canstockphoto10231084Your roofing system may only cover 1/3 of your building, but it’s protecting 100% of the assets inside your building, while maintaining your investment. Protect those assets and avoid costly leak repairs, while reducing your overall cost of ownership, by enrolling in All Pro’s exclusive Roof Investment OptimizerTM (R.I.O.) Program. With RIO, there is no audit or inspection report fee. Your preventative maintenance expenditure goes directly to repairs. You pay only for the time and materials charged to the job based on a predetermined cost limit that you set.

RIO is a value engineered commercial and industrial roof maintenance and inspection program designed to prolong the lifespan of your existing roof. Our easy to read reports include pictures of problem areas we’ve isolated (if any), along with a clear explanation of the problem and the corrective action recommended. It provides you the ability to clearly understand roof conditions and proactively budget for repairs and long-term replacement.

The program is offered either semi-annually or annually.

Why Is A Commercial Roof Maintenance Program Important?

  • Double the lifespan of your existing roof system
  • Maintain your warranty coverage (which often requires regular inspections to remain valid)
  • Reduce leak frequency and severity
  • Prevent trapped moisture and mold growth
  • Defer capital expenditures
  • Proactively budget for repairs over the lifespan of your roof
  • Avoid costly production/operation delays
  • Receive priority leak response

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How R.I.O. Works…

  1. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your current needs which may vary based on the life and condition of your existing roof.
  2. We’ll schedule an appointment with you and make arrangements with facilities as necessary.
  3. We’ll perform a comprehensive inspection to establish a foundation and record of information for all future visits relative to roof system inspections, audits and other requirements.
  4. Subsequent visits are completed either annually or semi-annually where we perform inspections, preventative maintenance repairs and detailed reporting.

What Does R.I.O. Cover?

  • Priority leak response
  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Photographic documentation
  • Repair/replacement budgets
  • Complete roof maintenance
  • Drainage cleaning
  • Debris removal
  • Flashing and membrane repair
  • Maintaining watertight integrity of the roof

Professional Service / Peace of Mind

As a building manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure a healthy, safe and productive working environment for your facility. One of the largest investments and potential liabilities in your facility is the roofing system. A proactive inspection and maintenance plan is essential to successful roof management. Our expert technicians understand your roofing system and have the expertise, safety training and certifications necessary to properly and safely inspect, maintain and repair rooftop issues. The potential liability and loss of operational time inside your building from roof leaks, accelerated deterioration leading to major construction, slip and falls, and mold remediation due to trapped moisture in the roof assembly can quickly blow your budget and increase ownership costs. Let our trained and skilled expert technicians perform the maintenance work on your roof so you can rest easy, knowing your roof system is in the hands of trained professionals you can trust.

Ready to enroll? Call our All Pro Specialists at 519-601-7663 or email today!