A simple way to combine drying towels and heating your bathroom.

This is a simple way to combine drying towels and heating your bathroom. Radiators can be run off your central heating, electric, or both. Colour and style choices are immense and this option is very popular. The size of your towel radiator has to be compatable with the btu output required to heat your bathroom with wet towels on it( many forget this small point ). I tend to choose width and height after everything else in the bathroom has it's place. There are compact radiator and towel combinations if you need a lot of heat from a small size but these are not so pretty! Tall 1700mm radiators look good but are overpowering in small bathrooms. The style option for your bathroom will be easier to choose when the style of other items are specified such as, baths, toilets, showers etc.

Traditional bathroom towel rail radiators

Traditional towel radiators are available in more freestanding options with conventional radiators attached. The classic bent round chrome tubing design prevails but is being updated with alternative more transitional design ideas with other materials such as painted and stainless steel combinations. Valve in traditional styles with cross head tops are popular.

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Conventional bathroom radiators

Not necessarily the prettiest option for bathrooms but definately the cheapest. Available in various styles and normally an off-white finish. The decision to add interest with more decorative radiators is increasing with more modern bathroom design.

Decorative bathroom radiators

The popularity of modern interiors has made this option more popular. If you have a large bathroom and require extra heat with your towel radiator then there are lots of decorative radiators available in many styles and finishes to compliment your design or towel radiator. Conventional radiators are ugly whatever you try to do with them so I think this option is my favourite if the budget will allow ( large good decorative radiators are pricy ).

I have added this option because I have seen this product which seems right up my street-glass radiators with lots of colours and funky options.

Electric towel radiators

If you have no central heating then do not worry. There are lots of wet system radiators that can be filled with oil and have an electric element installed. This option gives more choice and style than dedicated electric radiators. Even so I have provided links to both.

Combi Towel radiators

If you require nice warm and dry towels in the summer and winter then you can have an electric element added to your wet system towel radiator. It can have either a timer or on-off switch, Temperature can be controlled with an adjustable switch. This option does not fit all styles of radiator but the choice is still quite good.

Valve Choices

There are many options with towel radiator valves from traditional through to ultra modern. You also have to decide whether thermostatic types are compatable with you other radiators. It is best to ask your plumber. Valve pipework should also be matched to your radiator, or it will look ugly. I have provided various options for you to view.

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