The first steps leading up to getting a new kitchen countertop

I've been asked recently about the first steps leading up to getting a new kitchen countertop. It's always annoying to have to go back and forth, back and forth between this store, that store, and your house, just because you don't have critical information when you need it. So I've done a survey among our designers and compiled a list of the five most important things you should bring with you when come to get pricing and select materials.

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1. Measurements, plans, or a rough sketch of the layout of your kitchen or the area you're working with. Jeanie believes that this is the most important thing you can bring with you, and everyone agrees with her. Not only can we not provide any reliable ballpark figures without some idea of what size the area is, it's going to be more difficult for you to visualize how the stone will look. There are many granite types with significant movement, and the layout will directly affect your design.

2. Three to five pictures of kitchens you really like. Tamara says that is the most helpful thing a customer can bring to give her an idea of what you like. She can glean a lot of information about color preferences, clean lines versus a homey look, and other style trends that appeal to you. Glance through a magazine some time, and clip out photos you like. Visit a friend, compliment their kitchen, and ask if they mind if you snap a picture to take shopping with you.

3. Color samples. It's very difficult to hold an accurate color image in your mind, or to relay that color to someone else. Color is so subject to change depending on the environment it's in, that it's much safer to carry around an actual representation of it. So, grab a door off one of your cabinets or pull a drawer out and bring it with you. Then we can hold it up to the slab that would be right next to it, and you can tell easily whether the color works. We also like to see paint chips, tile or vinyl samples (if you've already done your floor selections we carry tile as well) and anything else that will affect the color scheme.

4. Appliance specs. Do you already have a stove? A dishwasher? A sink? These will all affect the layout and total footage of your counters, and will also affect the layout of the granite. Seam placement is very important in granite installations, so let us know what size appliances you have.

5. An idea of your schedule for installation. We have about a two-week turnaround on most jobs, and that can vary depending on which holidays are involved or whether we have to special order the materials. So be aware of when you will need the installation done, and check with your designer to make sure that's realistic. We'll do our best to meet your deadlines; but rushing around with granite tends to break rocks and / or people so there's only so much we can do to make it happen.

Of course, you can come in to browse whenever you like, and you don't have to have anything with you. You can look at stones you like and get some ideas from us. We can also supply you with various samples, if you want to take things home and consider for a bit. But for when you get serious about nailing something down, if you have those five things with you, the process should be nicely streamlined.

You should realize the remodeling is a messy business your kitchen may be out of commission for several days, depending on what other work you have going on. We will need access to your kitchen to measure and template and install; your designer will schedule the appropriate appointments. I should also let you know that Schumacher works with a signed contract for the protection of both parties, and we require a 50% downpayment. (Unless you decide to use our six-months-same-as-cash financing. You can ask any salesperson for details on that plan.)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment here or to use the contact form. I'll be happy to answer them, or find someone who can!

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