Saving Water in Your Shower

With so much emphasis onsaving money in today's economy andgoing green, yourshower can be the first place in your home to startsaving water. The average person in America uses80-100 gallons of water daily, meaning the average American family uses around300 gallons of water every day. The biggest water usage comes from flushing the toilet, with the second highest coming from baths and showers. Our trained Denton TX plumbers atBen Franklin Plumbing can offer you solutions to saving water and money today.

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The most obvious step to conserving water in your shower is to install alow-flow shower head. By cutting back on your showerheadsGPM (gallons per minute), your home can decrease it's daily water intake while still possessing all the pleasures of a pleasing shower. Cutting the flow down to somewhere 1-3 GPM can save you 2-4 gallons per minute when you're in the shower, saving you money off your homes water bill. Many low-flow shower heads now come with adjustable pressure restrictors, allowing you to adjust the water flow based on personal preferences. So if you like a stronger shower than your spouse, you two can still both be satisfied.

Other simple solutions to saving water would be to limit your shower time. The average American spends10 minutes in the shower, wasting water in the process. Installing ashower timer can make you better aware of your shower duration, cutting down the length to a more reasonable time. Simply set your desired time, and an alarm will sound when you have reached your desired length.

Now more than ever, saving water and money is essential for your home. With these simple water-saving tips, you can do just that. For more information about low-flow showerheads and shower timers, contact our local Denton plumbing experts. We can assist you with all your plumbing needs today. Just give us a call or contact us online today.

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