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Top Marinade Ingredients to Always Have on Hand

The secret to fine cooking is in a marinade. Allowing meats and vegetable to be tenderized by a flavorful, complex marinade is what graduates people from cooks to gourmands. Moist, juicy, succulent food products are a guarantee with the use of fermented red chilies, miso paste, hoisin, achiote, soy sauce, yuzo kosho, sesame oil, lime juice, sake, port, tequila and salt. Salt is hydroscopic, which means that it acts as a medium that pulls moisture out as well as pulls moisture in. The addition of salt to wet marinades imputes flavor into the interior of the food product so that when it roasts the food has all of the tools necessary to be successfully juicy even though there was evaporation during cooking process.

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Gochuchong- A sweet, spicy and salty brick red Asian paste that is thick enough to spackle a wall. Asian red chilies ferment in salt a sugar and develop a rich umami quality that adds a full bodied sensation on the palate with this condiment. The addition of fermented red chili paste to a dish always results in charring due to the high sugar content and generally only a few tablespoons is required as it is such a powerful ingredient. BBQ sauces, vinaigrettes and marinades take on a gourmet understanding when this Asian condiment is added. The best part is that it is not perishable and will last in your refrigerator forever; however, I guarantee it will readily be used far before it's expiration date.

Hoisin is the BBQ sauce of the Asian world. Rich, thick and molasses-like, hoisin takes on the responsibility that ketchup would here in the United States. The deeply dark sauce is the base of many rich, sweet and savory sauces in this book, but can also take on secondary role as well when lightly brushed on vegetable to enable browning under the broiler. Glazed and lacquered are words that come to mind when I think of hoisin as that it does just that.

Sake- Much more aggressive in flavor in relation to white wine, the Fermented Japanese rice wine, adds brightness to sauces when used to deglaze brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Butter sauces with the addition of sake give sharpness to dishes that focus primarily on roasted fish. Generally, any recipe that calls for white wine in the recipe can be replaced with sake.

Yuzu Kosho- Let I introduce to your new secret ingredient. Fermented lemons and chilies make for a spicy and citrusy combination in this powerful savory paste. A mere teaspoon adds vibrancy to stews, sauces and rice. Anchovies are to Caesar dressing as yuzu kosho is to chimichurri.

Cilantro- No, it does not taste like soap! I absolutely love cilantro and it is my go to when I need to add freshness to a dish. With versatility that lends itself to curries, marinades, salads and simply as a garnish, I can confidently say that I generally use it more than parsley. Truly, cilantro is a flavor of the Southwest.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil- Great for your skin and one of the healthiest fats you can consume, flavorful extra-virgin olive oil is to be always in your pantry, please. A great finishing olive oil can add richness to a dish without all of the saturated fat. Spicy, fruity and slightly acidic, a great olive oil with bring you satisfaction as you drizzle it over roasted meats, vegetables and even desserts.

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