#FromtheRough Celebrating #EbonyHeroes

From the Rough is a dramedy starring Taraji P. Henson, Tom Felton (of Harry Potter fame), LeToya Luckett, and late film icon Michael Clarke Duncan. The film chronicles Coach Starks journey to success with the Tigers while facing a whirlwind of societal pressure and personal adversity.

Despite her experience with asthma, she challenged herself by becoming a swimmer and saxophonist and eventually became a successful Women's swim coach for the tigers.

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She dealt with the discrimination of being a Black woman in a position of power in the (white) male-dominated world of college golf.

She recruited players from international backgrounds to the Tigers HBCU setting while facing criticism from the media and the PGA.

She was a powerful figure and loving mentor to her players; she demanded respect from every opponent who doubted her abilities to coach and her teams potential to succeed.

From the Rough is a film that celebrates Black women as figures that positively impact their communities worldwide, without focusing solely on the sexuality of Coach Starks. This is a story not driven by her body, but her will, focus, beauty, talent, and complexities- like many other women. Coach Starks determination and inspirational capacity knew no limits and accepted no excuses; this power transcended generations after her, and this film serves as testament to how believing in oneself and being willing to pursue a goal single-mindedly can overcome all obstacles.

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