A Timber Cladding Wall Can Improve Your Home or Commercial Building

Architects and home owners alike, are choosing to use timber cladding wall to sheath their exterior building walls.This is an environmentally friendly wood wall system that can be used on residential and commercial buildings, old or new. Covering walls with acoustical wall panels or timber cladding wall can be a good fit for the wood look and advantages in buildings. This system of external timber cladding started as a wood plank covering for farm buildings like barns and sheds. At this stage rough boards we're used with little thought given to beauty.

After years of design and technology advances timber cladding use has spread to many more applications. Timber cladding is often used in a two wall construction that has an inner wall and an outer wall with space in between. The inner wall has battan boards to hold the timber cladding wall on the outside. In the middle space there will be waterproof membrane and insulation, as well as ventilation to handle any moisture that gets through the wood outer wall, or accumulates in the space. This avoids any mold build up.

The timber cladding is attached to the battan boards in horizontal, vertical or diagonal design using tongue and groove, ship-lap, open joints or overlapping joints. The timber cladding installation will conform to the look and design that is called for on the building. Some of the woods used in timber cladding are European redwood, whitewood, pine, larch, douglas fir, oak , sweet chestnut and western red cedar. These woods are treated in different ways including use of preservatives or removing sapwood. Timber cladding is like a second skin for a building, making it better insulated, more sound proof and often more attractive.

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