ventilate01Why Ventilate?
Why is ventilation important for your roofing system? Without adequate ventilation, your attic retains heat and moisture, increasing your expense for keeping your house cool, providing a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and shortening the lifespan of your shingles. Heat in unventilated attics can cause temperatures to exceed 140 degrees causing shingles to curl and bend. An attic, properly ventilated, provides a constant stream of air through the attic space. Ideally, ventilation consists of 50% intake under the eaves, and 50% exhaust near or at the roof peak – at least three feet higher than the intake system.

Proper Ventilation:

Reduces energy bills
Minimizes ice build up
Eliminates mold/mildew which can lead to major health problems
Dramatically extends the lifespan of your shingles.

Ridge Line Venting

Ridge Line Vents are All Pro’s recommended solution for roof top venting. Ridge Line Vents work year-round, provide evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof , with a more visually appealing design than older “box style” venting systems. These vents provide a higher volume of airflow than any other fixed-vent system and their design maximize airflow across the entire underside of roof. Changes in wind direction have no significant effect performance. See the difference in visual appeal between the two roofing ventilation solutions!;

Ridge venting is your preferred solution to optimizing airflow in your attic…

…optimized air flow.

Trust our professional expertise. We’ve been installing ridge line venting as part of our residential roofing systems for over two decades. We ensure the work is done according to specification to ensure the lifespan of your roof is maximized, your housing investment protected and your expense for cooling your home reduced. Call us today at 866 538 7469 for a free consultation.