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Geoff's roof, London, Ontario
Completed on April 3, 2006

The 'BEFORE & AFTER' photos (click on the photos to see them larger):

A 'before' shot

The old shingles...

These shingles are history

The new shingles

Work in progress


This chimney will be re-pointed

The old shingles have been stripped off here

Looks like a mess, eh?   :-)

Working on a valley


The rear side is done

Nice ridge venting on the rear dormer

New exhaust vent outlet and soil-stack cover

Another look at the front dormer's roof

Here is Geoff -- another happy AllJobs customer

The chimney has been re-pointed

The ridge venting on the peak of the roof

All done -- time to clean up

We've just installed the new gutters


Professional work!

Nice connections!

Awesome work!