Welcome to Southwestern Ontario’s premium choice for residential seamless eavestrough. Our seamless system is more aesthetically pleasing and higher quality as there are fewer seams for leaks to develop in. Notice the difference in using a seamless vs. a “box” enclosure for corners. Please call us today for a free estimate at 866-538-7469.
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We Recommend The Gutter Clean Eavestrough Cover System for existing eavestrough…


The Gutter Clean System® is an eavestrough leaf guard system designed for use with existing eavestrough. The Ultra-Efficient No-Upkeep Eavestrough Lead Guard Solution!

small-gutter-cleanThe Gutter Clean System covers your eavestrough to eliminate:

  • Overflow caused by buildup of leaves and residue
  • Ice buildup and accumulation
  • The hassle of cleaning out clogged leaves
  • Periodic eavestrough upkeep
  • Rotting debris in the eavestroughs
  • The risks of using a ladder and walking on the roof
  • West Nile virus propagation in your eavestroughs

With the Gutter Clean System:

  • You maintain the look and integrity of your home
  • You forget you even have eavestroughs!
  • You have more time to enjoy life!


For new eavestrough, we recommend Fixa-Tech®, a continuous fastening system that makes eavestrough very strong and provides outstanding benefits;
fixa-tech fixa-tech2

  • It makes new eavestroughs 50% stronger. How? With a gutter fastening system that spans the length of the eavestrough to eliminate all weak points.
  • It eliminates the risk of the eavestrough bending under the weight of snow, a ladder, or the pressure of tree branches.
  • It prevents leaves, debris, and ice from accumulating in the eavestroughs thanks to a built-in eavestrough cover system that uses the same technology as the Gutter Clean System.
  • It can handle and drain the heaviest rainfall, thanks to its Alu-Perf technology.

Fixa-Tech® – The Most Powerful Eavestrough Fastening System in the World.

fixa-tech3Here are some good reasons to choose Fixa-Tech when you install your new eavestroughs. Fixa-Tech eliminates:

  • The risks of snow and ice damaging and bending your eavestroughs
  • Eavestrough bending caused by ladders and tree branches
  • Eavestrough overflow caused by buildup of leaves and residue
  • The hassle of cleaning out eavestroughs clogged by leaves
  • Periodic eavestrough upkeep
  • Rotting debris in the eavestroughs
  • The risks of using a ladder and walking on the roof

With the Fixa-tech eavestrough fastening solution:

  • Your eavestroughs are guaranteed to be stronger and more efficient
  • You maintain the style and integrity of your home thanks to the look and performance of your eavestroughs
  • You forget that you ever had to do eavestrough upkeep
  • You have more time to enjoy life!


What is the difference between theGutter Clean System leaf guard® and Fixa-Tech®? gutter-clean fixa-tech
Fastens eavestroughs to the house
Strengthens eavestroughs so they can support 250 lb per linear foot (373 kg per linear meter)
For new eavestroughs
For existing eavestroughs
Alu-Perf technology
Protects eavestroughs from leaves and debris
Can handle 29.7 in. (755 mm) of water an hour
Protects eavestroughs from ice and snow
Guaranteed for 25 years

In Summary

The Gutter Clean System leaf guard is an eavestrough protection system that uses Alu-Perf technology to cover your eavestrough and thus prevent leaves and debris from getting in and clogging the eavestroughs. This eavestrough cover is easy to install on your home’s existing eavestroughs.

Fixa-Tech is a continuous eavestrough fastening system that fastens your eavestroughs very securely securely to your home, making them 50% stronger than traditional systems. Using the same Alu-Perf technology as our Gutter Clean System, Fixa-Tech also prevents leaves and debris from getting in and clogging your eavestroughs.


The Gutter Clean SystemTM reduces safety risks

“Every year, my husband had to climb a ladder to clear out leaves from the eavestroughs. It was a lot of work and it was messy. He would climb the ladder, move it, and start again. And each year, I was more and more worried.

I recently saw an ad for the Gutter Clean System in the mail, and my husband and I decided to have it installed. I called an installer….he showed me the product and gave me a quote, but most of all he gave me peace of mind. Now my husband doesn’t have to climb the ladder for clogged eavestroughs!”

Paula Jones, Surrey, UK

The Gutter Clean SystemTM is the most effective

“I always pay attention to my house, including the eavestroughs. I make sure they’re not clogged in the fall to keep water from damaging the flowerbed… and the front of my house.

A few years back, I installed a plastic mesh so I wouldn’t have to keep cleaning out my eavestroughs. It didn’t work very well, but it was all that was available. I still had to climb my ladder and clean out my eavestroughs.

Two years ago, my neighbour had the Gutter Clean System installed by a local contractor. After one year, he told me he was very happy with it. And since I’m a bit skeptical by nature, I asked him if I could have a look inside his eavestroughs. They were perfect! So last year, I had the same product installed myself.”

Charles Robert, Toronto, Canada

Stronger new eavestroughs with protection

“Last year, I had my roof redone. And since the eavestroughs were about 20 years old, I decided to have them removed as well. I had three eavestrough installers come give me quotes to get a good price. But one of them introduced me to a new product called Fixa-Tech. I opted for the best product. With Fixa-Tech, the eavestrough is so much stronger.

Better yet, the system comes with eavestrough protection. So no more problems with leaves every fall because of the two big trees I have behind the house!”

Francis de la Tourelle, Lyon, France